The Black Community Impact Alliance (BCIA)

Who we are:

The Black Community Impact Alliance (BCIA) is a collaborative network of organizations dedicated to serving the Black Community in Western Washington. Committed to ensuring that taxpayer-funded initiatives and government-supported organizations actively contribute to the betterment of Black children and families, particularly those facing low income and economic challenges.

BCIA's comprehensive approach addresses various facets crucial to the well-being of the Black Community, including health, education, employment, housing, technology, safety, arts, criminal justice, economic development, and environmental issues.


What is our mission?

BCIA's mission is to empower the Black Community to shape and take ownership of its future by providing educational resources on accessing and managing essential services in areas such as healthcare, education, workforce development, entrepreneurship, and housing.



The BCIA's Planning & Strategy Advisory Committee comprises representatives from esteemed organizations, including:


  • FAME-Equity Alliance of Washington
  • CCS-Village Spirit Center
  • CADA
  • Africatown Preservation & Development Assoc.
  • Olio
  • Africatown Community Land Trust
  • Colorful Communities LLC
  • SU-Center for Community Engagement
  • Black Dot
  • Tubman Health Center
  • Curtiss Calhoun LLC- Coaching & Consulting


Through collective action and community empowerment, BCIA continues to drive positive change and advocate for the well-being and prosperity of the Black Community in Western Washington. Learn more about the BCIA here