“Social life is created by human beings, by human choices and decisions. This means that human beings can change things. And therein lies the hope.”

an important role or responsibility that passes from one person to another

This “Journey to Creation” began in November 2005 with the intent to design a Non Profit Housing and Community Economic Development agency that spoke to the spirit, soul, hopes, and dreams of the Black community.  It originated with the vision of Michael Reichert, President, of CCS/AHA and the articulation and acknowledgment that some segments of our society have suffered greatly from years of marginalization and being intentionally excluded from the economic opportunities to THRIVE in this city and nation.  These communities have many members that struggle to live full and rich lives; unable to do so because of the crippling effects of gentrification, homelessness and/or working low-wage jobs. These individuals face a Herculean struggle trying to make ends meet and break the despairing “cycle of poverty” that ensnares them.

FAME- Equity Alliance of Washington has embraced the mantle and acts as an extension of the work our ancestors started by building on the blueprints laid by "Freedom Towns " all across America. We understand that we've built amazing communities and can again.

"We must fundamentally address the specific needs of the Black community or , we aren’t just failing to build a better path for the community, we were failing to build a path to improve humanity.”