Our Mission

We want to empower our brothers and sisters, to enable our community to become self-sufficient and build our network.

You can always talk to us.



Our Services

Mental Health & Chemical Dependency

One  key to building or rebuilding a strong community is the acceptance of the realization that at some point, each of us may need the help of a mental health professional for objective guidance in overcoming life challenges.


The Black Community has suffered disproportionately from lack of education, information, and economic stability.  Many in the Black Community have not been given the knowledge and mentoring that can arm them to be successful, especially in the area of finances.


In order to promote wealth through entrepreneurship in the Black community, many of our builds will offer below market rate spaces which allows entrepreneurs of small businesses time to build their assets, cash flow and revenue without the stress of normal market rate leases. To assist our families in this skill track, we have partnered with the Black Dollar Days Task Force to walk with them on their journey.


Education is the foremost key to success for Black Americans. It is more relevant now to make sure our children come prepared to enter the learning environment of school.

Health Care

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