The Equity Alliance of Washington is a "housing and community economic" initiative implemented to work for the collective wellbeing of the Black community across Washington State. Our mission is to elevate the social and economic realities of Black families. Our methods are to:


Build Housing - We know that success starts with having a stable and safe place to live. We develop and build housing that is of the highest quality and speaks to the cultural and family norms of the Black community. We build spaces of community and of safety that lead to the ability for individuals to think of future goals and dreams.


Enriched Services — We will join with our families and individuals to provide support through services with the intended purpose of helping families and individuals improve their "quality of life" through setting reasonable and attainable goals, gaining new knowledge for the journey through life skills classes, and addressing issues of "internalized oppression."


Economic Growth — We will join with our families and individuals to attain knowledge and implement methods for the purpose of acquiring assets for economic growth.


Create Community — In the "spirit of the village," all residents will be expected to work with and support each other as appropriate to create community and join with staff to ensure that the apartments, buildings, and grounds remain in top quality condition for the collective health and safety of all residents.

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